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Chalet Bracciano lake for sale

Chalet Bracciano lake for sale
€ 25000.00
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Have you ever dreamed of your own chalet in Italy and to live there at least seven months a year? Imagine your own dream house near the water in the Italian countryside with pool, tennis court and restaurants on your doorstep and enjoy your new lifestyle!
Our chalet lies beautifully on a large space in the shade of acacia trees and overlooking the lake. It is fully equipped with 4 beds + 1 for a child till 30 kilo, kitchen with fridge, toilet and shower and heating / air conditioning. It is allowed to park your car next to the mobile home. The chalet is on a large plot, which can be used to expand sleeping possibilities, by putting up a dome tent. Also you could chose to expand the terras, so you have a larger sitting airea outside. The chalet lies on a very special part of the camping, you have no other chalets in front of you and no left neighbours as it is on the side of the campsite. From the veranda you can enjoy a free view on the lake.
The chalet is in excellent condition. The build year is 2009. It is 32 square meters large. You can own this chalet for 25,000 Euros.
The recurrent costs per year are average 2,800 Euros per year. Of course you can bring these down by renting to third parties.
There is a quiet, very friendly atmosphere. It is beautifully situated directly on Lake Bracciano, just north of Rome in the Lazio province, with a beautiful private sandy beach. One can experience unique moments here during sunset.
One can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, surfing or sailing, and there is always a cool breeze providing cooling. In the lake there is a historic old Roman village, a unique snorkeling experience ... you do not even need to go far to soak up history ... There is also a swimming pool with paddling pool and a sunbathing area with loungers.
Another plus: Rome can very good be reached by public transport (1 hour journey) from the campsite or by car.


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